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Quote of the Week


Dana Saves Puppies

Dana is not only an incredible generous man, he also happens to be a great pilot! Dana loves cars and owns Haglin Automotive in Boulder. On the weekends though he fulfills his other passion of saving puppies. He doesn’t just take them for a walk, he gives them a ride in his plane to relocate them to safe and happy homes. His usual copilot is his wife, but she was unable to make one of his recent trips, so I joined him on an adventure to Texas. It is amazing how small the world appears when you are flying with the birds. This was my second time in a small, private plane. The first time, I jumped out of it so this was definitely different! It was so cool to ride in the plane and learn all about it. I was even able to get a feeling for the yoke. I am still thrilled by the joy of flying! I love it! The best part though was that we saved 10 puppies, their momma and other dog. She was a sweet collie mix and the smartest pup I’ve ever met. It is such a pleasure to know Dana, who is just one of the superheroes out there making sure puppies get to good homes. With all the excitement of saving dogs, flying planes and making people smile by delivering these cuties, it was an overwhelming but wonderful day!

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Quote of the Week


Amy & Cody | Beer + Couple = Love

Amy & Cody met and fell in love….all over a pint of Guinness at Conor O’Neills in Boulder. As the story goes… Cody was trying to hand Amy a mixed drink, Cody thought that was a great opening gesture, little did he know Amy was a Guinness girl and refused to take it! This is where it all started, a boy a girl and a pint of Guinness!  That’s why for their one year anniversary it was the perfect spot for photos of them two. They are both brewers and lovers of beer. I am not sure what they love more, brewing beer or each other! Cheers to one year down, a million to go!

ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-2ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-8 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-1 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-1 copybeer ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-2 copy beer-2 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-9 copy ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-12 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-3 copyashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-11ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-13 copy

Photography Mini Photography Session


Book a time slot today for Mini Photo Session Day, December 8th, 2013! This is the perfect time for a photography session to take some fun and festive family photos. Whether you need presents for some proud grandparents or an updated family photo for those holiday cards that you still need to send out, this is your chance! Reserve your time before they are all taken by calling 770.656.1355 or by emailing me at!

MiniSession-location-120813Here is a little peek of the location for the Mini Photo Session!