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Dana Saves Puppies

Dana is not only an incredible generous man, he also happens to be a great pilot! Dana loves cars and owns Haglin Automotive in Boulder. On the weekends though he fulfills his other passion of saving puppies. He doesn’t just take them for a walk, he gives them a ride in his plane to relocate them to safe and happy homes. His usual copilot is his wife, but she was unable to make one of his recent trips, so I joined him on an adventure to Texas. It is amazing how small the world appears when you are flying with the birds. This was my second time in a small, private plane. The first time, I jumped out of it so this was definitely different! It was so cool to ride in the plane and learn all about it. I was even able to get a feeling for the yoke. I am still thrilled by the joy of flying! I love it! The best part though was that we saved 10 puppies, their momma and other dog. She was a sweet collie mix and the smartest pup I’ve ever met. It is such a pleasure to know Dana, who is just one of the superheroes out there making sure puppies get to good homes. With all the excitement of saving dogs, flying planes and making people smile by delivering these cuties, it was an overwhelming but wonderful day!

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Pumpkin Patch | Lifestyle Photography

I just love fall! The weather changing to cool nights, curling up next to the fire, bringing out my scarfs and going to pumpkin patches. Oh and the the colors this year have been fabulous! Everything pumpkin makes me smile, so a pumpkin patch is right up my ally! Embracing fall all the way! Here are a few photographs from my adventure with Stephanie!ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-2 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-8 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-1 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-3 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-4 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-5 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-6

Just for fun… I have been playing with double exposures on my camera like the good old days with film! Here is a very funky one of Stefanie with an overlay of a pumpkin coming out of her eye! LOL Happy Halloween Weekend!!
ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-7I just love the way this one turned out, Stefanie is so beautiful!


Dula & Plute| Boulder Pet Portraiture

Dula and Plute are the silliest brother and sister duo! I almost cried when I first saw the photos come in! Their love for life, being outdoors, and hanging out with each other (and their mom!) is so sweet. These two are French & English Mastiff mixed in with a little American Bulldog. And they make the funniest facial expressions ever. You have Plute, the handsome one, and Dula, with her adorable monkey face. But I think that Plute could beat Dula any day in a funny face contest. Their ears and tongues didn’t stop flying during our fun pet portraiture session!
ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-1ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-4 copyashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-6 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-3ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-8 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-7 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-5 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-14 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-10 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-13 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-11 copy ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-9

Agora Wedding | Styled Shoot | Part 2

Being a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of spending a very special day with a bride and groom. I’m there from the time her hair is in rollers, to the moment when they see each other for the first time that day, until they are showered with bubbles or bird seed by their family and friends. And that’s super special!

It’s rare that I get the chance to spend the day with a couple who has been happily married for five years! But that’s just what I did for our styled wedding shoot at the Agora. It was so much fun to see Lara and Whitey spend a day as newlyweds all over again!

One of the fun props we had for our Greek-inspired shoot was a larger than life key. The ancient Greeks used a key as a symbol for knowledge and life. I think it’s also a beautiful symbol of love, trust, and commitment.

You can tell from these photos that Lara and Whitey are a beautiful couple that truly love one another. They are committed to the vows they made five years ago to share their lives and walk through this journey of life together. To trust one another no matter where the road may lead.

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_16 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_17 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_18 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_19 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_20 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_21 ashlieghmillerphoto-styledshoot-1_22

Wedding Planner: Leah at La Dolce Events.

Hair & Makeup Stylest: Theresa at GLOW Portfolio Design

Florist: Lara at Fiori Flowers

Jewelry: Erin at Stella and Dot

Copywriter: Caitlyn at Ribbons & Pearls

Bella | Boulder Pet Portraiture

Hello! My name full name is Bella Lynski Two Poos but my family usually just calls me Bella. I am almost five years old but I still feel like I am two. I just love to run around and play all day with my dad. He is so much fun! My favorite toy is the tennis ball! I will find that ball anywhere!
ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-2 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-1 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-4 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-3 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-7 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-5 ashlieghmillerphoto-pet-portrait-12