Boudoir Photo sessions are meant to show you off as a woman and accentuate all your yummy parts and curves 🙂 It is time to pamper yourself and to capture your amazing body on “film” for your loved one. You must be 18 years of age or older to book a Boudoir Photography Session.

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Where will the session take place?

There are a few options for where your session can take place.

  • If you have a fabulous bedroom at home we could do the session there.
  • You could also rent a hotel room of your choice.
  • Or you could sign up for a Pampered Boudoir Session which includes a photo session in a modern cozy location with a personal hair and makeup professional {additional costs apply}.
  • Another option added is a Boudior Location which can be added to your session {additional costs apply}.

Are outfits and/or lingerie provided?

You will bring your own outfits and lingerie as they are not provided by the studio.

What to do to prepare for the shoot?

Just act like you are going on your honeymoon or a date… 🙂 ya know! {okay here is a list so you don’t forget anything; shower, shave/wax, do something to your nails, lotion, deodorant, chap stick, drink water, oh and brush your teeth so you are ready to smile}

What should I wear TO the shoot?

Remember when you where on sports teams and the swim suite/bra/shorts/socks left marks on your skin. Yea, we can’t have that, so drink plenty of water and please wear loose fitting clothing that will not leave marks on your skin.

Oh… what to wear During the shoot?

The most important thing is to feel great about yourself & to be your silly, goofy, sexy self! Here is a little list to get ya thinking:

  • Lingerie
  • Bra & Panties
  • Your Man’s Shirt
  • A Tee shirt & Panties
  • Pearls
  • High Heels
  • Hair Accessories – Head bands, jewels, hats
  • Glasses
  • Bring Books, Letters, Magazines, Blankets, Folded Fans, Feather Pillows
How much sexy-ness is expected?
It is always up to you and what you are comfortable with! It just means that for some it will be a t-shirt and boy shorts or for others it will be just a little lingerie and heels. Sexy doen’t mean showing skin, it means being confident! That doesn’t mean you won’t be a little nervous or out of your confort zone. It just means that it will be up to you to what tone you want your boudoir photo session to go! Be your sassy self! & no worries… I will be coaching you along the way to get the best shots!

Who will be in the room during my photography session?

The only people in the room for your session will be girls! You’re welcome to bring ONE female friend along with you, if you’d like. I have found, however, that having a friend watching the session actually tends to make clients more nervous and self-conscious. To make you more comfortable you can bring them in while you are getting your makeup and hair done. If you do bring a friend, I just ask that they not disrupt the session in any way and that you focus your attention on the photographer during the entire session. There no males are allowed in the room during shooting for any reason, including spouses and significant others. This is a girlie day to be pampered, so you can surprise him with prints & books!

Will my images be posted on your website, blog or facebook?

That is totally up to you! You can sign a model release allowing me to use your images for promotional purposes with or without your identity being revealed.

If you have purchased a LivingSocial Deal you must fill out this Form in order to schedule your photography session.