Ashleigh Miller |Photographer

Tidbit: I’m just a Southern gal with a big love obsession with photography.

On the Books: Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design 10 Years with a Camera in My Hands

Style: Modern Lifestyle Photography


Custom Artistic Photo Shoots start at $200 and all inclusive Wedding Day Packages start at $2500. Please contact me for detailed pricing options for packages and for prints. I am also available for commercial visions; please contact me if you would like to collaborate on a project!


We are all so blessed to have so much, and to be able to access clean water around the clock is a luxury we often take for granted. I have found a great organization, “Charity: Water.” It’s a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Everyone whom I have the pleasure of working with will enable me to give. THANK YOU!

Contact Me

Tele:    770.656.1355

eMail: ash@ashleighmillerphotography.com


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