Amy & Cody | Beer + Couple = Love

Amy & Cody met and fell in love….all over a pint of Guinness at Conor O’Neills in Boulder. As the story goes… Cody was trying to hand Amy a mixed drink, Cody thought that was a great opening gesture, little did he know Amy was a Guinness girl and refused to take it! This is where it all started, a boy a girl and a pint of Guinness!  That’s why for their one year anniversary it was the perfect spot for photos of them two. They are both brewers and lovers of beer. I am not sure what they love more, brewing beer or each other! Cheers to one year down, a million to go!

ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-2ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-8 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-1 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-1 copybeer ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-2 copy beer-2 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-9 copy ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-12 ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-3 copyashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-11ashlieghmillerphotography-amycody-13 copy


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