Morimoto | Pet Portraiture

Meet Morimoto! This athletic and handsome Vizsla was named after his parents’ favorite Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto! We enjoyed a beautiful, snowy day playing together in the mountains. As you can tell, Mori has tons of energy! He is a loyal family member that loves the outdoors but is also content curling up in your lap (although he might not fit!). Mori was a perfect subject for this shoot – maybe because he’s never happier than when he’s running around in the mountains!

ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-6ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-12ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-4 copyashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-8ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-5 ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-7 copy ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-1 ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-9ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-11ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-2ashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-3 copyashlieghmillerphotography-pet-morie-14

One response

  1. Jake Viano

    Those look phenomenal!! I can’t wait until we get Chloe on the other end of your shutter! 🙂

    November 10, 2013 at 6:48 pm

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