Pumpkin Patch | Lifestyle Photography

I just love fall! The weather changing to cool nights, curling up next to the fire, bringing out my scarfs and going to pumpkin patches. Oh and the the colors this year have been fabulous! Everything pumpkin makes me smile, so a pumpkin patch is right up my ally! Embracing fall all the way! Here are a few photographs from my adventure with Stephanie!ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-2 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-8 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-1 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-3 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-4 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-5 ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-6

Just for fun… I have been playing with double exposures on my camera like the good old days with film! Here is a very funky one of Stefanie with an overlay of a pumpkin coming out of her eye! LOL Happy Halloween Weekend!!
ashlieghmillerphotography-pumpkinpatch-7I just love the way this one turned out, Stefanie is so beautiful!



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