Nicole & Jason | Wedding Photography | Lyons Farmette

On a beautiful September weekend just north of Boulder, I had the chance to share in Nicole & Jason’s charming and fun wedding day. Working with Alison, from Red Shoe Weddings, we captured all the moments that made this day so special.

From Nicole’s beautiful, handmade decorations to Jason’s personalized renditions of some classic tunes, this day was made perfectly for and by their love.

Nicole & Jason, a veterinarian, couldn’t imagine having their big day without their two furry friends! Nicole’s dog filled the role of “flower girl” with her beautiful collar bouquet! And Jason’s dog took care of the very important job of ring bearer. A carabiner attached to his collar kept their rings safe and secure on his trek down the aisle!

The Lyons Farmette was a perfect venue for this day that was focused on the love of this wonderful couple. We wish the best to Nicole, Jason, and their two canine companions as they start this next chapter of their lives together!


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