Veronica & Jason | Colorado Wedding Photography

Veronica realized she was in love when Jason came to pick her up from the airport. She noticed the butterflies in her stomach and how frantic she was to see him after a long flight. She quickly spruced up and all she could think about was seeing Jason again. That’s when her “Aha!” moment happened and the rest is now history!

I was so honored to be able to capture their big day! It was a beautiful wedding at the Lionsgate Dove House. The overcast skies and drizzles of rain might have discouraged some people, but at this wedding it only increased the feeling of love and intimacy. The ceremony was moved inside to a room with incredibly ornate stained glass windows. Seeing Jason and Veronica gaze into each others eyes as they became man and wife made my heart melt!

The colors for the wedding were black and white with a few pops of bright yellow and red. This theme allowed Veronica to bring in some of her favorite creatures – panda bears! The wedding cake had a kissing panda topper and bamboo shoots. It was a day that perfectly fit this beautiful couple! All the best to Jason and Veronica!

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One response

  1. Veronica

    Omg. LOVE!! Can’t wait to see the ready Ashleigh!! We loved having you on our special day.


    October 12, 2013 at 12:34 am

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