Amanda | Quest Series: Lost in a Book | Boulder Lifestyle Portraits

Getting lost in a good book can be a powerful experience. When an author can transport you into a whole different world, it gives you a chance to see things from a different viewpoint, escape your own troubles, or just have a change of scenery for a little bit.
ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-8 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-7 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-2_02 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-6 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-1-a ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-2_01 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-10 ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-9-a ashlieghmillerphoto-lifestyle-portrait-11Amanda brought a few of her favorite books along for one of our shoots. Here’s some recommendations from her for your next read!

Sense and Sensibility – A classic! And hard to pass up this edition with such a pretty cover. Marianne is the classic romantic dreamer and like a train wreck, you know what’s going to happen but you can’t look away. Elinor is a great foil for her, and we hope the two sisters learn something from each other in the end. The whole story is tragic but wonderful in the way only Jane Austen can do.

This Side of Paradise – I came for the cover and stayed for Fitzgerald. Love, status, greed. It has it all!

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – One day, my mom decided she was going to take on a real estate venture. She bought a house and the people moving out left a bunch of their stuff behind. This book was one of those items. And time travel is always fun to think about!

What have you been reading recently? What’s your favorite story to get lost in?

A big o’ THANK YOU to Theresa at Glow Portfolio for the hair and makeup.


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