Longs Peak | Landscape Photography

Longs Peak was the biggest challenge for me yet –  such a crazy adventure! Our journey started at the trailhead around 1:30 am. I was so nervous, it was hard to sleep the night before! Plus, I can’t even tell you the last time I went to sleep when it was still light out! The stars were so bright as we started hiking in the trees, but by the time we were above tree line a lighting storm was brightening up the valley. It was so beautiful! The clouds were amazing as we stood at the keyhole watching the sun rise over the horizon. The day was about to start and we were approaching the narrows. The best advice is not to look down, just look up! The end was a bit of climbing, but we all made it to the top! As you are climbing up you imagine the summit being really small but when you finally get up there, it is huge, like two football fields. A bit of relaxing, eating, and enjoying the satisfaction of reaching the summit before the real hard work starts. Descending is a bit of a challenge for me for two reasons. One, you have to look down, and two, my knees start to hate me. I was so glad to have the amazing support from my friends and fellow hikers! Helping me find foot holds and telling me they will “catch me if I fall.” It calms the nerves to know you’re not doing it all on your own. On the way down, we met Fatty, the marmot in the boulder field. He was very friendly! As soon as we were thinking this adventure was over and the rest of our trip would be a breeze… it wasn’t. A huge storm finally hit us. We were in the trees, so at least we could hide from the three inches of hail for a while, but we all decided to just keep on going. As the storm settled, we were back at the car thinking of what we had just accomplished… and I was ready to get to bed! It still feels like a dream… a great adventure with great friends! Thank you guys! Enjoy the pictures!

ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_01 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_02 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_03 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_04 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_05 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_06 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_07 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_08 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_10 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_11 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_12 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_13 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_14 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_15 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_16 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_17 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_18 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_19 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_20 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_21 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_22 ashlieghmillerphoto-14er-longs-peak-1_23


2 responses

  1. SO amazing! Love the picture with all the stars… and of course the marmot 😉 Super proud of you friend!

    September 5, 2013 at 11:49 am

  2. Gorgeous set of pictures, Ashleigh! The third image is almost “other worldly”! Very cool!

    September 5, 2013 at 1:54 pm

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