Amanda | Quest Series: The Bend in the Road | Boulder Lifestyle Portraits

Life throws us curveballs sometimes. We plan to go East, but the wind is blowing West. We think we’re headed in a straight line, but the road winds and twists and curves. When we face uncertainty, change, or setbacks we have a choice. We can stop. We can refuse to move forward. We can feel sorry for ourselves. Or, we can dance. Celebrate. Smile. So next time you face a bend in the road, put on your game face! Stand up taller! And choose to move forward.

ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_01 ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_02 ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_03 ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_04 ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_05 ashlieghmillerphoto-nightsky-87_06

A big o’ THANK YOU to Theresa at Glow Portfolio for the hair and makeup.


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