Caitlyn | Lake Dillion Portraits

So this little southern lady is Caitlyn! The first time I met her at Boulder 2140 event I knew we would be friends! I like joining her in our beautiful state of Colorado to help her check off some of the items on her list. Being a tourist in your own town is so much fun! Caitlyn has been writing a blog about her new adventures in the Wild Wild West & beyond! (I am even on there sometimes, I am a mini celebrity, lol) On our last adventure, road biking in summit, I thought some photos on the lake were a must!
AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_01 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_02 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_03 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_04 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_05 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_06 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_07 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_08 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_09 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_10 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_11 AshleighMillerPhotography-caitlyn-1-1_12Caitlyn’s camera for her blog is your iPhone because it never misses an adventure!

You can find her fabulous stories here:


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  1. Thanks Ashleigh!!

    July 3, 2013 at 8:30 am

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