Kate & Ian | Colorado Engagement Photography Session

Oh, Kate and Ian are so cute! It all started over beers at the Sun and now… they are getting hitched! They are so in love and complement each other so well!  I am honored to photograph their wedding, I just can’t wait! Please enjoy a little preview of their spring Boulder engagement session!
2--kateian-engagment-95_01 2--kateian-engagment-95_02 2--kateian-engagment-95_04 2--kateian-engagment-95_05 2--kateian-engagment-95_06 2--kateian-engagment-95_07 2--kateian-engagment-95_08 2--kateian-engagment-95_09 2--kateian-engagment-95_032--kateian-engagment-95_10 2--kateian-engagment-95_11


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