BMoCA: Three’s Comedy | Event Photography

I absolutely love to laugh! You gotta laugh to get through some of life’s situations! To attend an event who’s sole purpose is to make you laugh is good for your body and sole. The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art’s current exhibit is the Museum of Broken Relationships, where Abigail Booth, Lorraine Larocque, and Nick Trotter preformed Three’s Comedy. There are tons of random items collected from around the world that represents people’s relationships that have ended. All of them have little descriptions about the items; some make you laugh but some make you wanna cry. This night was to make you laugh at some of the ridicules items with three comedians walking you around the relics improving stories. We were all in stitches! Please enjoy some of the photographs from the event!

AshleighMillerPhotography-13AshleighMillerPhotography-30AshleighMillerPhotography-4AshleighMillerPhotography-39_01AshleighMillerPhotography-5AshleighMillerPhotography-25AshleighMillerPhotography-39_02 AshleighMillerPhotography-37AshleighMillerPhotography-39_03 AshleighMillerPhotography-34AshleighMillerPhotography-39_04AshleighMillerPhotography-20AshleighMillerPhotography-29


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