Avery Strong Ale Fest | Commercial Event Photography

My taste buds were really excited to try some of the 105 different strong ales that were at the 11th Annual Strong Ale Fest at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, CO. All of the strong ales were at least 8% ABV so you gotta hang on and choose wisely! Some of my personal favorites were Avery’s Whiskey Barrel Samaels, Funkwerk’s Tropic King, Two Brothers Brewing’s Bare Tree, & Allagash Brewing’s Bourbon Black just to name a few. This was such a yummy festival! Can’t wait till next year!

averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_01 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_02 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_03 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_04 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_05 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_06 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_07 averystrongalefest-ashleighmillerphotography_08


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