Pensacola Beach | Textures

I know, I know, it’s winter!! Why do I keep showing beach photos? Well, I love the beach in the winter too! The salt air is refreshing from the cold dry mountain air and over heated interiors (not to say i don’t love a ski day and hot coco by the fire!). In the winter it’s so much quieter on the beach. The sea revels much different plant life than the summer and the birds seem to thrive. Please enjoy some of the wonderful textures from Pensacola Beach in the winter (not to worry folks, Colorado snow photographs coming soon!).AshleighMillerPhotography-PensacolaBeach-100_01 AshleighMillerPhotography-PensacolaBeach-100_02 AshleighMillerPhotography-PensacolaBeach-100_03


One response

  1. These photos are simply gorgeous….but then I do adore the beach 🙂

    January 7, 2013 at 10:39 am

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