Tanq | Bull Dog Pet Portraiture | Colorado

HELLO! So I’m Tanq and I’ve been told… I’m an ADOR-ABLE-BullDog (that’s a special breed)! And I’m pretty sure my mom is a superhero, she even has the shirt to prove it! She is the best mom ever! She loves my unique eyes that are two different colors, pretty cool! But best of all, she gives the snuggliest hugs in the world and lets me give her sloppy kisses in return!

very adorable bulldog in colorado pet photographybull dog pet photographythe happy superhero owner of a cute bulldog in a colorado parkpet portraiture in grassbulldog with one brown and one blue eye at the red rocks park in colorado pet portrait photographyAll of these images were photographed for Jaime Rowe Photography by Ashleigh Miller.


One response

  1. Such beautiful eyes!!! And looks like it was a great day for a photo shoot! I always love the puppy pics!

    September 4, 2012 at 3:07 pm

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