Orphanage | Dominican Republic

Thank you all so so so much who donated to this Orphanage!!! The kiddos where so amazing & it was wonderful to meet the family keeps all these children safe! The new building is going to be finished in September! A huge shout out to ChiroMission for all their humanitarian work in the Dominican which makes huge strides every time & opens the eyes to everyone who they bring with them! Thank you!

This is where the children living at the orphanage study english! It was cool to see them practice their amazing english skills with us!

One of the temporary sleeping rooms for the kids until the building is finished.

When we were all visiting… one of the Doctors brought a basketball! Way Cool!!

This is the Orphanage being built! It has strong steal beams to make sure it holds up during earthquakes and hurricanes. The guy with the hat on is Pastor Joel. He is such an amazing person… he really touched my sole with all that he does for his family, children & community!

The current home isn’t sealed up very well so mosquito nets keep the bugs out!

Here is some of the smiling faces!! Oh and you must notice the sign on the temporary home, “nos haces tu familia” (make us your family)

If you would like to donate to help ourefforts click here!

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